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Packing Solution

Focus on screw packaging technology of the hardware accessories. Design and processing of non-standard fastener packaging equipment according to the detailed needs of customers. successfully solved the many practical difficulties with using the weighing and counting techniques for many hardware fastener packing customers.

Machinery Model

Through years of industrious effort on technical research and quality promotion, We have become a professional hardware packing machinery manufacturer and distributor in Asia. Our main machines are: A-type screw packing machine, B-type screw weighing packing machine and furniture kits packing machine.

About Us

Shanghai Feiyu Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2008, has been devoted to hardware fastener parts counting and packing machinery manufacture. Our hardware packing machinery has been exported to all over the world. We have become an ODM&OEM manufacturer of many famous brands.

Our Parnter

Based on excellent equipment performance and good user reputation, Feiyu Packing Machinery has become the preferred hardware packing system supplier of many well-known domestic and foreign furniture and household appliances industries. We also have exclusive agents in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, etc. After-sales point.

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Bolts packing
hardware fastener packing
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Application of Screws Packing Machine

The screw hardware packaging equipment developed and produced by Shanghai Feiyu Packaging Machinery is suitable for the packaging of hardware fasteners such as screws, bolts, nuts, gaskets, shrapnel, cork, pipe fittings, plastic parts, stamping parts, etc. Our hardware packaging is used in furniture, For fasteners, toys, electrical appliances, stationery, pipe fittings, and other industries, the main packaging methods of hardware fastener packaging machines are bagging, boxing, and cartoning. Provide you with a complete set of hardware packaging solutions.

Screws Hardware Packing Machine

Screw Weighing Packing Machine

Pipe Fittings Packing Machine

Pipe Fittings Packing Machine

Small Bag Hardware Counting Packing Machine

Screw Counting Packing Machine

Small Bag Hardware Counting Packing Machine

Nails Weighing Packing Machine

Hardware Boxing Packing Machine

Bolts Boxing Packing Machine

Plastic Button Counting Packing Machine

Plastic Parts Counting Packing Machine

Furniture Hardware Mixed Packing Machine

Furniture Fittings Packing System

Hardware Parts Lapel Packing Machine

Screw Hardware Lapel Packing Machine

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plastic anchor packaging
plastic parts packing
screws nuts packaging

Our Customer and Parnter

Shanghai Feiyu Packing Machinery can provide you with tailor-made solutions to solve the various problems you encounter in the packaging needs of hardware fasteners. We insist on quality first, strictly control quality standards, and pursue perfect product quality. We listen attentively to customer needs, from R&D and design to production and sales, from the selection of accessories to installation and commissioning. Feiyu people maintain a rigorous and meticulous working attitude at every step.

At the same time, Feiyu’s comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service system ensure that customers have no worries. Based on excellent equipment performance and good user reputation, the company has become the preferred supplier of many well-known domestic and foreign furniture and household appliances industries, such as:

Blum Fastener​
Canon Digital​
Daikin Electronics​
IKEA Furniture​
Hikvision Device​
LEGO Bricks​
FAW Automotive​
Trefl Toys​
Hettich Hardware​
Sanyo Electric​
Haier Electronics​​

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