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The intelligent sorting and packaging system for IKEA home furnishing accessories was successfully debugged and officially put into production.


In recent days, after the hard work of our company to install technical pictures, Shanghai Feiyu Packaging Machinery has successfully completed the commissioning of the intelligent sorting and packaging system for home accessories produced by IKEA, and will soon be put into operation in IKEA’s warehouse in Shanghai, China. IKEA has 356 stores in 29 countries/regions around the world. As an important supplier of IKEA furniture packaging solutions, Shanghai Feiyu Machinery has designed and produced several packaging lines for furniture hardware accessories. Such as furniture hardware counting and mixing packaging system and IKEA furniture nail hardware packing machine, etc. If you need packaging equipment for furniture accessories, please tell us, Shanghai Feiyu Packaging Machinery will give you the best solution and price.


The heavy-duty fastener bagging machine independently developed by Shanghai Feiyu (sacks, snakeskin bags, woven bags) was successfully put into production


After several days of hard work by our technical team, the heavy-duty fastener bagging and packaging machine developed and produced by Shanghai Feiyu Packaging Machinery was officially delivered to the customer and successfully put into operation. Features of this Heavy Fastener Hardware Packing Machine Applicable products: screws, nuts, gaskets and other regular shape products.Using weighing and optical fiber mixed counting method, it is suitable for bulk bagging of a single material.This model can also be customized, using semi-automatic packaging to meet the special requirements of some companies, please contact us for details


Some foreign customers who visited Feiyu Machinery in 2019 took photos


In 2019, Shanghai Feiyu Packaging Machinery received a large number of foreign customers in the field of hardware packaging. The following are some photos of related customers.

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