Rapid Delivery for Accessories device Wholesale to Netherlands

Rapid Delivery for Accessories device Wholesale to Netherlands

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We keep improving and perfecting our products and service. At the same time, we work actively to do research and development for Rapid Delivery for Accessories device Wholesale to Netherlands, We encourage you to make contact as we are looking for partners in our venture. We are sure you will find doing business with us not only fruitful but also profitable. We are ready to serve you with what you require.

Automatic weight checker:

  1. Separately used, or cooperated with packing machine for final weighting check, to double validate the 100% accuracy.
  2. Adopting precision weighing sensor and meter to adapt control mode and software explored by our company, recognize the weight of packing with 0.01 g tolerance.

Coding machine:

Adopting ribbon printing, letter movable structure, 1-3 line of letter, digit, Chinese character can be printed on the packing bag.

Intelligent printer:

Adopting interrupted mode, heat transfer printing, automatic transmission of real-time information, incremental information(date, digit), letter, text, bar code and picture etc.

Labeling machine:

Flat labeling on packing bag, self-adhesive sticker labeling as well as bar code etc.

Turnover elevator:

  1. Application for single, big,heavy, multiple items
  2. Optional including weighing counting device, vibration bowl
  3. Large transport capacity, applicable to single and multiple items one-time lifting

 Link plate elevator:

  1. Application for regular items except slender and cone-shape itmes
  2. Optional including weighing counting  device and vibration bowl
  3. Mesh belt elevator, stability transport capacity, good liquidity

Magnetic elevator:

  1. Application for all can be absorption by magnetic
  2. Optional including weighing counting and vibration bowl
  3. Vertcal lifting,saving occupied area, reduce power consumption

Finished product conveyor:

  1. Frame made of stainless steel, conveyor can be independent using or connection working with automatic packing machine.
  2. It can be custom producing according to customer’s actual requirement.
  3. Selectable material including stainless steel, carbon steel with powder coating , stainless steel link plate,pvc belt etc.


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  • optional equipment including: labeller, codding machine, rechecking balance, hoister, products conveyor, monitor screen

    including: labeller, codding machine, rechecking balance, hoister, products conveyor, monitor screen

  • The MST 200 is an automatic machine designed to package solid products in strips.
    Extremely compact, with an innovative structure, it allows the operator to easily monitor the product flow at any point in the machine.
    The really new concept is the web transit. After the “horizontal sealing and scoring station”, the web is diverted horizontally to the right, where the “product presence check”, “feed”, “perforation and vertical cut” operations are performed, finished off with the “horizontal cut”. Compared with the other strip machines, this particular design has allowed a significant reduction in machine height.
    The balcony structure, full covers, working area completely separated from the mechanical, electronic and electrical units and the highly ergonomic design make the MST200 unique among strip machines.
    Its exceptional original features are completed by an ultra high-tech unit for connection to the cartoner. As well as pick up, step synchronisation and strip set down, this special device can count the strips and directly transfer the stacks to the cartoner bucket chain conveyor


    Fully automatic granular packaging machine for carbon/coffe/teabag or other drinking food packaging materials designed and manufactured by PENGLAI cosmetic&food&pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry like YX-60KZ Carbon Granule Packaging Machine food packing for Coffee AutomatischeVerpackungsmaschinen .We moreover can design and produce the packaging equipments according to the special requirements from customers.

    Scope of application YX-60KZ packaging machinery
    Granule Packing Machine is suitable for pharmacy,food,household chemicals,plastic products and other special industry and other loose type and inviscid granule material.Such as seeds,Chinese Drugs, feeding stuff,medicinal granules,piller, monosodium glutamate,salt,sugar,soup blend,oat,tea,active carbon,washing powder,dryer,etc.

    Feature about granule packaging machine
    1.Automatic granule packing machine can finish the process like conveying bag,bag making,filling,weighing,sealing,cutting,counting,lot number,etc.
    2.Computer control system,stainless steel body. Set up the required data(include filling,weighing,bag size,etc) in the visible settings,the control system automatic optimization match with all the program so that achieve the best packing speed precisely.
    3.Stepper Motor control,this system has the advantage of precise,needless to adjust the other parts,and high accuracy.
    4.The Carbon packaging machine has color system controller,so that can get the complete trade mark design.
    5.Suitable for the complex film and tin foil and other packing material.Fine packaging performance,low noise,clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance.

    Technical Data about Granule PACKAGING
    Capacity:30-60bag/min Measuring Scope:1-100ml(TBA)
    Bag Size:(L)40-200、(W)40-110mm; Film Width:220mm
    Sealing type:Trilateral or Quadrilateral seal; Power:1150W Net weight:230kg
    Voltage:220V、380V/50HZ ; Overall size:L800×W700×H1600mm
    Packing Material:paper/PE,Polyester/aluminum foil/PE,nylon/polyethylene,tea filter paper,etc.
    SHENZHEN PENGLAI since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.For more information about PENGLAI PACKAGING or PROCESSING machinery,please email via jackdu999@yahoo.com or browse our website https://penglaichina.com
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