Screw Packing Machine

FEIYU always focusing on the production of screw packing machine, and has obtained a number of invention patents for key technologies, which can meet your various screw counting and packaging needs.

automatic screw packing machine

FEIYU Automatic Screw Counting Packing Machine

Screw accessories are indispensable materials in many manufacturing industries. They are widely used in automobile, lighting, bathroom, furniture, and other manufacturing industries. The number of screws is also very demanding when assembling. At present, many manufacturers will distribute some screw bags with products. In the past, the screw bags were manually counted and packed in sealed bags for packaging, which is very slow, In addition, people are prone to fatigue, inaccurate counting caused by dozing, rusty screws caused by handheld screws, and sweat, which will be complained and dissatisfied by customers.

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screw counting packing machine

The automatic screw counting and packaging machine produced by our FEIYU MACHINERY can avoid the above problems.

Applications of Screw Bagging Packing Machine

Our screw counting and packing machine applications also include:

  • Fastener(screw, nut, washer, nail, small hardware, etc.) counting and packing

  • Furniture spare parts counting and packing

  • Plastic pipe fittings (pipe, joint, etc.)counting and packing

  • Auto Parts counting and packing

  • Machinery and appliance spare parts counting and packing

  • Clothes parts (button, slider, etc.) counting and packing

  • Leechdom(tablet, capsule, etc.)counting and packing

  • Food(candy, biscuits, etc.)counting and packing

  • Other solid material counting and packing. It can pack the same material

Types of Automatic Screw Packing Machine

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A-type Screw Counting and Packing Machine

screw packing machinne
screw packing machinne

B-type Screw Weighing Packing Machine

screw packaging machine b-type
screw counting packing machine

The automatic screws mixed packing machine is suitable for automatic mixing or separate packaging of a variety of screws accessories, such as screws, nuts, flat pads, spring pads, toys, standard parts, etc. after the automatic counting of the vibrating disk, the product is filled into the shaper for automatic packaging, or other materials can be mixed and packaged manually in the spare space of the equipment.

C-type Screw Mixed Packaging Machine

screw mixed packing machine

Operation Method of Screw Counting Packing Machine

The following describes the operation method of screw bagging packing machine . You can quickly master it by understanding these points.

For products that have just been wrapped, you must check whether the bag is sealed and whether the number of packages is correct. If you check more times, there is no problem, you can basically do other things. In addition, when the output is completed and the material is insufficient, the machine will automatically alarm and stop.

screw counting packing machine
screw packing machinne

Precautions for Maintenance of Auto Screw Packaging Machine.

The normal operation of an automatic screw packing machine is inseparable from regular maintenance. If it cannot operate normally, it will affect its production progress, resulting in various problems. How should the screw packing machine be maintained?

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