How much do you know about hardware counting packing machine?

Fully Automatic hardware accessories packing machine is the latest application of factory automation technology, it replaces the prefabricated bag forming mode, greatly improving the working efficiency, and widely used in electrical appliance,furniture, hardware and building materials manufacturing industries. Now our products has already export to Russian, Romania, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Argentina and so on, and our cooperative brands include: Canon, Sanyo, Midea, Robam, Daikin, etc.

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Auto hardware counting packing machine can be equipped several vibrating bowls,can pack a variety of different materials into the packaging bag at the same time, of course, you can use one or two bowls selectively.



Technical features:

1. Vibrating bowl, linear vibration arrangement device and precise counting control device tailored for screw sample to ensure the accuracy of each bag.

2. When packaging the packaging materials with icons, the advanced step-by-step control and color mark tracker of the machine can be used together to obtain the perfect icon pattern.

3. Advanced PLC control system, fault self stop, self alarm, self diagnosis, safe and easy to use.

4. Display the packing quantity automatically, which can easily count the workload of the machine.

vibration disk


Vibrating Bowl

Technical parameters:

Number of vibration plates: determine the number according to the type of screws to be packed (multiple plates can work at the same time)

Packing speed: 10-60 bags / min

Bag size: L: 30-180mm, W: 50-140mm

Counting capacity: 1-20 pcs/bag; 1-30 kinds/bag

Bag making form: Back sealing (or customized according to customer requirements)

Maximum film width: 300mm

Type of packing material: PC/ CPP, PE/PET, other composite films

Other benefits: free tools and some vulnerable parts

Boundary dimension: L* W* H: (N/2* 600+2200mm)* 1500mm* 1650mm N=the Qty of vibrating bowl

Total work rate: 2kw

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When installing the counting packing machine, we will send technicians to the user’s site to guide the installation of the provided equipment, and be responsible for debugging the single machine and packaging unit, so as to ensure that the user can master the operation, maintenance and maintenance technology of the equipment in the shortest time.

Provide free training for the customer’s operators to ensure that the customer’s operators can operate the equipment skillfully before leaving the factory.

The products will be guaranteed for one year, life-long maintenance, free replacement of spare parts during the warranty period, and all kinds of spare parts will be supplied at cost according to the cost after the warranty period. When the equipment we produce is upgraded, we will inform the users in time to ensure that the equipment used by the users can always maintain the advanced technology.

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