Fully automatic hardware packaging solution

Fully automatic hardware packaging solution
2020 is a difficult year determined by the pandemic. Even if the workload increases and the available personnel decreases, Feiyu Packaging still provides its hardware and software solutions to ensure efficient packaging work.

The most challenging aspect in these times is to optimize the deployment of personnel and ensure their safety. This means a greater demand for packaging automation. Weighing, labeling and packaging machines must be easy to use, even if the number of employees is small.


Automation is the future

Feiyu packaging has the best solution to meet these needs. With more than 20 years of professional production experience, each machine can be customized according to the needs of individual customers. We can provide you with packaging solutions whether it is a small quantity of a single species, a large quantity of a single species, a small quantity of many kinds or a large quantity of many kinds, single package, even package and bag-in-bag.


In recent months, Feiyu Packaging has been able to provide customers with solutions that not only simplifies the work, but also enables them to work as efficiently as possible with the minimum number of personnel.

Solution of Feiyu packaging 

Our intelligent sorting system is gradually improving. Furniture industries such as IKEA and Wole have launched hardware sorting packing lines. The domestic sales manager explained: "The number of personnel has been reduced by 30% to 50%, and the overproduction has been reduced by 1%. As a result, the customer received a return on investment within the first 6 months."

sorting machine

This is a great affirmation for us. Becoming our partner, our program will let you get more.

Post time: Nov-24-2020
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