Daily maintenance of packaging machinery

How to maintain the packaging machine?

how to maintain packing machine

Packaging machinery is a device that can improve packaging quality and efficiency. It’s made by metal, can meet the strength requirements, and can ensure long-term use and is not prone to damage. But it’s still a device that needs to maintain to extend the service life and guarantee the quality of the products from different aspects. We should do like this during the maintenance of the packaging machinery:

First step, cleaning.

Basic cleaning includes:
1. After the shutdown, the metering part should be cleaned in time.
2. For the heat sealer body, it should be cleaned frequently to ensure the texture of the seal is clear.
3. The photoelectric tracking luminous head (Fiber Magnifier), should also be cleaned regularly to ensure small errors in cursor tracking.
4. The materials scattered on the tray should be cleaned in time to keep the parts clean.
5. Clean the dust in the electric control box regularly to prevent malfunctions such as poor contact.

Fiber Magnifier

Fiber Magnifier: Need to clear regularly

Second step: lubrication.

There are various different metal workpieces inside the machine, so it is necessary to lubricate. The gears of the packaging machine, the oil hole of the bearing and the moving parts are oiled regularly. This can ensure flexible operation. When filling the lubricant, please be careful not to drop the oil on the drive belt to prevent slipping or rotation or belt aging damage.


Last step: maintenance.

After a period of use, a comprehensive inspection is required to ensure the quality of machine parts.
1. Regularly check the screws of each part of the packaging machine to avoid loosening.
2. Pay attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-rat of the electrical parts. Keep the inside of the electric control box and the terminals clean to prevent electrical failure.
3.The air pressure of air compressor needs to keep 0.6-0.8 MPa.
Newly installed machinery must be inspected, tightened, and refueled for transmission and moving parts in first week; regular monthly inspections and maintenance are required thereafter.

Post time: Nov-29-2019
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