Applications: Fastener(Screw, Nut, Gasket, Shrapnel), Hardware, Toys, Pipe fitting and so on.

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Packaging Method

Small Bag Fastener Hardware Counting Packing Machine

1. Application: screw, bolt, washer and other kinds of regular shape products.

2. PLC control system, easy operation, applicable to single items packing and mixed 2-3 kinds of items packing.



Big Bag Fastener Weighing and Fiber Counting Packing Machine

1. Application: Screw, Bolt, Washer etc other kinds of regular shape products.

2. Weighing and Fibre Counting Packing, applicable to one kind with 1-5000pcs/bag.

feiyu big-bag-packing-machine



Screw Weighing Couting Multi-variety Mixing Packing Machine

1.Application: screw, nut, washer and other regular shape items.

2.Adopting spacing counting and fiber optics re-inspection or completed fiber optics counting, suitable to mixing packaging for 1~40 varieties of items.



Automatic Boxing or Cartoning Packing Machine

1. Application:AII screws, small hardware, micro screw. 

2. Man-machine interface, easy to setting parameter.

3. Malfunction indication with self-diagnostics.

4. Compact driving structure, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.

5. Type U conveying belt and easy to place and withdraw box.

6. Convenient to replace box with different size as well as replacement of packing items.

feiyu boxing-packing-machine


Optional Equipment


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