Automatic feeding screw weighing packaging machine with anti-magnetic elevator

Automatic feeding screw weighing packaging machine with anti-magnetic elevator

  • Model: FY-420b
  • Counting type: 1-5000pcs/bag
  • Bag size: L: 50-300mm, W: 50-200 mm
  • Counting capacity: 1-5000 pcs/bag
  • Packing speed: 6-25 bag/min
  • Power: AC 220V/ 50 HZ/ 2.5 KW
  • Machine size (mm): 4000* 3000* 1650 mm
  • Weight: 460 kg
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    Model Number : FY-420B

    Place of Origin : Shanghai, China (mainland)

    Box Size : Customized

    Bag size: L: 50-300mm, W: 50-200mm

    Packing Speed: 6-25 bag/min

    Power: AC 220 V/ 50 HZ/ 2.5KW

    Machine Weight: 460kg

    Machine Size : 4000* 3000* 1650mm

    Function: weighing and counting, bag making, filling, sealing, printing

    SCREW PACKING MACHINEscrew packing machinebolt screw packing machine

    Why choose us? 
    Advantages and Features:
    1. Dual inventers control, bag length can be set and cut in one step, saving time and bags.
     2. Computer interface operation, convenient and quick parameter setting.
     3. PLC control, stable performance available for upgrade.
     4. There are many patented technologies, such as technology of fiber optics(Patent No. ZL2010 20695240.5), weight checker(Patent No.Zl201110083021.0).
    5. Self failure diagnosis, clear failure display; positioned stop function, without knife sticking and film wasting.
     6. Using double encoder enables stable performance.
     7. Strengthened blade holder makes compact sealing
     8. Can be equipped with exhaust device, printer, labeling machine, transfer conveyor and weight checker.

    9. Selected code system achieves credible Packaging. 10. Simple and automatic packaging achieves high speed and saving labor. 11. Optional material-cutting proof device, guarantee for using. 12. Multipurpose packaging, suitable for various packaging to similar type of product.
    13. Alternative English and Chinese language display.

    Packaging and delivery

    hardware packing machine manufacturer

    Cooperative partner
    multifunction screw packing machine

    Q1: Are you manufacturer?

    A1: Yes, we are manufacturer leader of screw packing machine.

    Q2: What Products can your machine pack?

    A2: Screw, nuts, washer, spring, bolt, nail, pipe fittings, etc.

    Q3: Which industries can the machine use?

    A3: Furniture, fastener, toy, electrical, pipe, etc.

    Q4: Do you accept customization?

    A4: Yes, we are completely processing equipment according to customers’ requirements.

    Q5: Which type do you have about the packaging machine?

    A5: The main packaging machine including: bag, box, carton packaging and mixed packaging.

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  • Pre-sales Services:

    1.Many professional packing videos, give you direct feeling about our machine.
    2.Free packing solution from our chief engineer.
    Medium-sales Services: 
    We have the trained team to follow your orders methodically to guarantee the products can be finished on time with high quality.
    After-sale Services:
    1.Manules / Videos of machine installation, adjusting, setting, maintenance are available for you.
    2. If any problems happend and you can not find out the solutions, Telecom or Online face to face communication available 24 hours.
    3. Our engineers & technician are available send to your countries for services if you agree pay the expenditure.
    4. The machine will have One year guranty for machine, two years guaranty for electrical part. During the warranty year if any of the parts broken not by man-made. We will free charge to replace the new one to you. The warranty will begin after the machine send out we received the B/L.
    5. We have an independent team for after-sale service. Any emergency please call the saleman or our after-sale’s manager.

    screw packing machine (1) screw packing machine (2)

    optional equipment including: labeller, codding machine, rechecking balance, hoister, products conveyor, monitor screen

    including: labeller, codding machine, rechecking balance, hoister, products conveyor, monitor screen

    packing machine manufacturer

    Shanghai Feiyu Packaging Machinery is professional on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of automatic hardware fittings packing machine. We also offer technology consultant series, designation and customize-producing.

    We are always devoting ourselves to updating automatic packing machine on its stability and reliability. We have obtained many patent on key technical.

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