13 Years Factory Big bag hardware accessories counting packaging machine to Rome Factories

13 Years Factory
 Big bag hardware accessories counting packaging machine to Rome Factories

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owing to good service, a variety of high quality products, competitive prices and efficient delivery, we enjoy a good reputation among our customers. We are an energetic company with wide market for 13 Years Factory Big bag hardware accessories counting packaging machine to Rome Factories, Competitive price with high quality and satisfying service make us earned more customers.we wish to work with you and seek common development.


Technical parameter:

Model FY-Z240B FY-Z420B
Packing material PP/CPP, PA/PE, PET/PE etc PP/CPP, PA/PE, PET/PE etc
Counting capacity 1-5000pcs/bag 1-5000pcs/bag
Packing size L:30-160mm, W:50-140mm L:30-300mm, W:50-200mm
Packing speed 10-30bag/min 5-20bag/min
Max width of the film 300mm 420mm
Power AC220V/50HZ/2KW AC220V/50HZ/2KW
Weight 400kg 460kg


  1. Weighting and Fibre counting packing, applicable to one kind with 1-5000pcs/bag
  2. Solid sealing, smooth and elegant bag shpe, high efficiency and durability, can be equipped with exhaust device, printer, labeling machine, transfer conveyor and weight checker.
  3. Automatic ordering, counting, packing and printing etc., easily adjust the quantity of screws in the bag, set the quantity of bags what you need, when meet, the machine will be stop automatically.

Applicable products

Screw,nut,washer, spring, bolt ,nail ,wooden peg, pipe fittings etc.

Applicable industry:

Furniture, Fasteners, Toy, Electrical, Stationery, Pipe,Vehicle etc.


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  • optional equipment including: labeller, codding machine, rechecking balance, hoister, products conveyor, monitor screen

    including: labeller, codding machine, rechecking balance, hoister, products conveyor, monitor screen

    packing machine manufacturer

    Shanghai Feiyu Packaging Machinery is professional on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing of automatic hardware fittings packing machine. We also offer technology consultant series, designation and customize-producing.

    We are always devoting ourselves to updating automatic packing machine on its stability and reliability. We have obtained many patent on key technical.

    packing machine team

    packing machine exhibition

  • Our old customer Shakti Ramchurrun from Maurituis in the trading as a distributor for food packaging machinery wants to place the order on packaging machinery(granules&milk powder packaging),but from the email they told us their confusion as below:
    … confused in understanding the videos.
    Can you plz send us videos of both quoted machines, i.e
    YX Series 500 and 520 . It would be much easier
    for us to unedrstand how these two machines functions.
    So that we are glad to film the video to clarify the details for them before they place the order and wire the prepayment 30% .
    As below is the basic parameter for these two packaging machinery
    Model YX-500 Granules packaging machinery
    Type YX-500
    Max. Film width 400mm
    Bag length 30-300mm
    Bag width 40-180mm
    Packing weight 100-500ml
    Packing speed 20-40bags/min
    standard sealing form line type back sealing
    packing material complex film.
    Thickness of film 0.04-0.09
    Power 220V 50hz 3kw Weight 800kg

    Model YX-520 Milk powder packing machine
    MODEL YX-520
    BAG SIZE W: 70-220mm L: 100-350mm
    FILLING WEIGHT 500-1000g OR 10-500g
    SPEED 25-60bag/minute
    POWER SUPPLY 380V or 220V 50-60Hz
    POWER 4kw
    WEIGHT 800kg
    OVERALL DIMENSIONS 1200×1800×2400mm
    Application of vertical packaging machinery for milk powder &nuts beans granules
    This machine is a large, vertical, three sides sealing, pillow shaped bags, intermittent packaging machine. Can be completed automatically bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, lot number printing process.
    The measurement of volumetric method, for particles smaller than 80 objective granular material of big bag packing. All parts in contact with the device are made of stainless steel and non-toxic wear-resistant plastic, to meet the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical packaging.
    Suitable for packaging of granular material that is easy flowing or good flow properties, such as monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, sugar, glucose, feed, medicine, solid Coffee etc..
    Packing speed can be within the rated range step less speed regulation.
    The bag length adjustment: microcomputer using coaxial photoelectric coding control, set the bag length by microcomputer, with the bag length accurately, convenient adjustment, maintenance simple, reliable work.
    Heat sealing dual temperature control: temperature by intelligent temperature controller can be set in advance, accurate temperature control, suitable for various packing materials, good heat balance to ensure the sealing quality.
    Photoelectric automatic positioning system: using optical positioning technology unique, for printed color packaging materials, can guarantee the integrity of the pattern making.
    Filling quantity of step less adjustment: the coaxial photoelectric coding, by using the microcomputer control to realize step less adjustment within the rated range. Has the advantages of simple structure, accurate control, stable and reliable.
    Our Factory since 1992 has been manufacturing the cosmetic&food making and packaging machinery.In these field we have the experience rich enough to solve the questions encountered by our customers from both home and abroad.For more information about various high quality machinery,please email via jackdu999@yahoo.com or browse our website https://penglaichina.com.
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