10 Years Factory Big bag hardware accessories counting packaging machine to Mauritius Factory

10 Years Factory Big bag hardware accessories counting packaging machine to Mauritius Factory

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To be the stage of realizing dreams of our employees! To build a happier, more united and more professional team! To reach a mutual benefit of our customers, suppliers, the society and ourselves for 10 Years Factory Big bag hardware accessories counting packaging machine to Mauritius Factory, We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!


Technical parameter:

Model FY-Z240B FY-Z420B
Packing material PP/CPP, PA/PE, PET/PE etc PP/CPP, PA/PE, PET/PE etc
Counting capacity 1-5000pcs/bag 1-5000pcs/bag
Packing size L:30-160mm, W:50-140mm L:30-300mm, W:50-200mm
Packing speed 10-30bag/min 5-20bag/min
Max width of the film 300mm 420mm
Power AC220V/50HZ/2KW AC220V/50HZ/2KW
Weight 400kg 460kg


  1. Weighting and Fibre counting packing, applicable to one kind with 1-5000pcs/bag
  2. Solid sealing, smooth and elegant bag shpe, high efficiency and durability, can be equipped with exhaust device, printer, labeling machine, transfer conveyor and weight checker.
  3. Automatic ordering, counting, packing and printing etc., easily adjust the quantity of screws in the bag, set the quantity of bags what you need, when meet, the machine will be stop automatically.

Applicable products

Screw,nut,washer, spring, bolt ,nail ,wooden peg, pipe fittings etc.

Applicable industry:

Furniture, Fasteners, Toy, Electrical, Stationery, Pipe,Vehicle etc.


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  • optional equipment including: labeller, codding machine, rechecking balance, hoister, products conveyor, monitor screen

    including: labeller, codding machine, rechecking balance, hoister, products conveyor, monitor screen

  • cement packing machine.
    1, the ash discharging mouths does not fold
    Bending action – cancelled ash hose, off the bag when the ash discharging mouths do bending action, not from the hose or cement dust out mouth leak out or flying.
    2, push out package
    (patent technology) – reach out pocket, microcomputer controlled pneumatic bag pushing mechanism fixed outward pushing packets, the complete eradication of the other type switch, a dust out mouth curved downward causes cement leakage, also make the cement bag bag drop position is accurate, uniform.
    3, no leakage of ash feeder
    (the plant patent) – to overcome the feeding shaft ends outward leakage of ash, solved the major defect of flying from above downwards plenty of dust.
    4, automatic ash sealing device
    (the plant patent) – solve the Charter after shutdown, above the 30T-50T storage silo cement along the feeder impeller clearance to charter a lot of ash leakage defects.
    5, double high
    Material level device production or downtime, not follow the Charter High cover surrounding the outward leakage of ash.
    6, the gate from the
    Straight down close, complete cancellation of the control mechanism, cancel the gate connection crank arm, gate no longer do arc movement in the process of being closed, but down from the straight line running close or open the gate, it never happens card gate and ash leakage.
    7, a number of sealed type ash power head
    (the plant patent) – to overcome the ash power head large outwardly fly ash defects. A number of sealed type ash power head can be leaking ash phenomenon does not occur in the 10-12 month. Power head service life is about 1-2 times than other director.
    8, on-site remote control – no artificial adjusting one by one microcomputer. With a handheld remote controller can adjust the measuring numerical at any time, greatly shortens the downtime, production time (complete numerical general adjustment, a eight mouth packing machine measurement in 2 minutes if you use artificial by Taiwan change microcomputer numerical needs about 20 minutes), maximum guarantee the measurement precision, the function is better than that of imported models or other models. Remote kept by hand, others have no numerical remote cannot change or adjustment measure, ensure reliability and safety production.
    9, remote control (user in addition to buy, I plant according to the situation of the design, installation, debugging) – in the range of 2000 meters (or more), in the office, labor controlling machine (wireless) implementation of charter flights to remote real-time monitoring, and can directly input the number of the user to buy a bag of cement when the Charter, dropping bag number reaches the set value, the Charter idling, no longer fall bags. Cement bag is not much, a bag of many, from the technical, equipment thoroughly solves the problem of loss of cement.
    10, high yield, because of the dynamic device for gas, reducing the Charter idle time, and because the manufacturing with patent technology I plant ash power head, yield more than the domestic and foreign general models, yields are about 100-120t/h.
    11, no shrapnel metering device
    (the plant patent) – bag weight is stable and reliable, good continuity measurement accuracy, less volatile, the measurement precision can reach the national standard, not a sacks.
    12, technology upgrading method
    The replacement of the host: for other models do not have excellent technology and good environmental protection performance, the proposed replacement host, so spend less, to achieve the environmental charter overall excellent performance (generally within 3-5 working days can realize normal production);
    Upgrading the on-site technical: can achieve most environmental charter flight performance. However, due to other models of backward technology, some properties are not upgrading, cannot completely meet the new machine performance. Many parts, components or the old models (typically within 5-7 business days can realize normal production).
    Note: in a word, the whole machine performance and environmental protection type rotary cement packing machine produced by our factory have been better than the imported models. Not only the output is high, accurate in measurement, low failure rate, less cost, strong practicability, easy to use, good repair. More important is, to achieve the environmental indicators more excellent, leakage of ash quantity about 80%-90% less than the other models, which are at home and abroad of any type can not reach. But the price is only imported models of about 1/7-1/10, with than the imported models more practical, scientific and environmental protection, the use of imported models of low cost ratio of about 90%, than the other model, about 30%-50%. The use of the opportunity to environmental protection type rotary packing CEMSP production bring great economic benefit to you, will realize clean production unprecedented.

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