UltraSource Intact® VS571 Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine

The Intact® process is a unique method for creating a “retail ready” vacuum skin package and offers greater versatility in package type, size, and style because of its ability to run with film to tray, film to board, and film to film configurations. The benefits of using an Intact machine are amazing – a high gloss, wrinkle free vacuum skin package at a fraction of the cost of most VSP rollstock packaging machines.

Intact semi automatic packaging machines are ideal for packaging a wide range of fresh or frozen meat, poultry, and seafood products such as ribeye steaks, loin pork chops, T-bones, fish, sushi, oysters, lobster tail, salmon, or shrimp.

Designed for continuous, efficient operation, our Intact VS571 machine results in reduced labor costs through the remote loading of product utilizing a magazine system that ensures total flexibility of product and reduced downtime.

- Stainless steel construction
- 5-hp vacuum pump
- Manual control
- Works with film to film, film to gold board, or film to tray
- Machine Dimensions: 40.7″ W X 39.3″ D X 55.2″ H
- Chamber Size: 27.5″ W X 19.6″ D X 3.9″ H

Post time: Jun-23-2017
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